Individual Team Training

Team Training Class

Sentry One is equipped to tailor training sessions targeted for an individual church safety team or a combination of team members from area churches.

This could be as simple as walking a team through how to use the Church Safety Starter Kit, a single day of classroom hands-on training for the basic church safety officer duties or multiple days of advance reality based training (RBT) using scenarios drawn from real events.

Here are a few of the topics covered in our Basic Church Safety Officer Class:

  • How to develop a Safety Officer application process … not just an application
  • Basic radio communications use and protocols (what type of equipment to purchase, etc.)
    • Hands on radio use training
  • How to establish a safety management team
  • Completion of the Emergency Response Plan (ERP)
    • How to train to this plan
    • Who should train to this plan
  • Development of a Safety Officer training manual
    • How and how often to conduct training
  • Critical awareness training for Safety Officers, Ushers, Greeters and staff
  • Medical emergency protocols
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Control and compliance for disruptive persons
    • Legal issues
    • Hands on techniques if force is required
  • Active Shooter education and principles of response
  • Administrative paperwork

Your Team’s Biggest Enemy Will Be the Day to Day Routine.

To combat that over the long haul you must create a “culture” of training.